We want camp to be a safe & super-fun experience for all of our campers so we have created 3 behavior expectations that spell out what to expect at camp:


1. Respect the teacher: campers will follow the directions of the Forefront Arts staff.  Campers will participate in all scheduled activities and maintain a positive attitude.

2. Respect each other: campers will treat everyone with respect: bullying, stealing, teasing, cut-downs and profanity will not be tolerated.  No touching other campers or camp staff is allowed. Campers will respect the social-distancing guidelines and make adjustments if reminded they need to spread out.

3. Respect our space:  campers will not purposely deface the host locations, or purposefully harm or destroy any property, furniture, props, or costume pieces.


PROCEDURES FOR DEALING WITH INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR: (on the registration form parents will check they have read & understand this process) 

Our three camp conduct  rules will be reviewed with all campers every morning during circle time.

Step 1: If a rule is broken, a staff member will first verbally tell the camper to stop the inappropriate behavior.

Step 2: If the inappropriate behavior persists, a staff member will remove the camper from the activity or situation and call for the camp director to address the situation with the child.

Step 3:If the inappropriate behavior persists, the parents will be called and notified of the situation and asked to speak with their child over the phone.

Step 4: If the inappropriate behavior continues, parents will be called to remove the child from camp immediately.  The camp director may allow the child to return to camp the following day, or the child may be removed for the remainder of the session.

The camp director reserves the right to jump to Step 4 and remove a camper if it is deemed to be in the best interest of the Forefront Arts Drama Camp program or for safety of other staff and campers. Immediate dismissal of a camper may result from severe infractions.  For example, physical violence of any kind towards another camper or camp staff is grounds for immediate dismissal.

No refunds or credits will be given for campers removed for disciplinary reasons.